Emotion in Photography

Good photography should evoke emotion.  David LaBelle in “The Great Picture Hunt” lists “emotion” as a key component in good feature photography.   He explains how pictures without this emotion can be “lifeless” or dull, “but when we see human emotion played out in pictures, we identify with the subjects of those pictures.”  This interplay between literally showing human emotion in photographs and stirring human emotion in its viewers is a powerful tool.  This kind of photography causes the viewer to think more critically of the photograph.  It sparks curiosity and leads the viewer to finish the story in their head.  David Snider’s “Street Pictures” does this.  The final picture in his gallery is a picture of his blind parents at a crosswalk.  The fact that this photographer’s parents are blind fascinated me enough to want to know more about them.  That’s exactly what good photography should do.

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