Mural painting supports urban agriculture


About 20 Columbia residents helped paint a mural at the intersection of Ash St. and St. Joseph on Saturday that depicted that world around them.

“It’s a celebration of Mother Earth,” said Sandra Eccles, the artist who designed the mural.

The mural was created as part of the Windsor/Ash Bike Boulevard pilot project.

“It was a neighborhood initiative, but everyone helped out,”  GetAbout Columbia employee Corri Flaker said. Flaker helped coordinate painting of the mural.

The mural depicts the community’s support of urban agriculture and buying local produce.


This appeared on the Missourian Neighborhood News Blog on Sept. 5. Here’s a link to the story.

I saw a press release saying this intersection would be closed Saturday and Sunday for a mural painting. So, after writing an update about the closing on the blog, I decided to check it out myself. This is what I found.

I showed up with my camera just as the volunteers were finished painting. This allowed me to photograph the mural with the painters and artist behind it. I included two photographs in the post because I thought it was essential to show what the mural looked like and interesting to see the face of the artist who was responsible for it.

In this picture, she was telling me about a man who was trying to drive through this intersection. She stopped him and asked if he could take another way through. He called the volunteer painters “damn hippies” and drove away, Eccles said. I like her expression.

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