Feelin’ Lucky Edition ft. Art Films, Shop Hopping and Kite Flying

Sure, today’s Friday the 13th, and Tax Day is next week. Who cares? Not this girl. The weekend starts today, and that’s reason enough to feel lucky. Watch a film. Shop downtown. Pick up a free tree. Here’s a list of events to ward off bad luck, or at least boredom.

Stephens Senior Showcase (Fri, 7 p.m.)

Support the senior girls at Stephens College this weekend. On Friday, watch five films at the Senior Film Showcase, then catch the Senior Music Showcase on Saturday.

“Come support young, local women filmmakers,” says Chelsea Turner, one of the senior filmmakers. Her film, “Fraidy Cat,” an animated documentary, features her grandmother, who tells stories about peeping toms and the Depression era.

Each film is 6-10 minutes and a Q&A with the filmmakers follows the screening. Both events are free and open to the public. Yay for free entertainment!

Spring Shop Hop (Fri, 5 p.m.)

Get lucky on this Friday the 13th as you hop shops at the shop hop. Enjoy discounts and refreshments at about 20 participating stores in The District. Each store has a theme, offering anything from martinis to tea.

Arbor Day Tree Giveaway (Sat, 8 a.m.)

Embrace your inner tree-hugger. Columbia Parks & Rec is giving away about 1,000 bare-root seedlings, which is code for baby tree, this Saturday. Ten species are available. I don’t know about you, but I could use more flowering dogwoods in my yard.

Kite Flying Day (Sat, noon)

If you missed International Kite Festival a few months ago, then join your neighbors at Douglass Park for Kite Flying Day in CoMo. This event is BYOK. A limited number of kites will be provided for the kiteless and to replace kites that enjoy hanging out in tree branches more than flying in the sky. Damn those renegade kites.

Ragtag Italian Film Fest (Sat and Sun, noon)

Escape to Italy this weekend at Ragtag’s special series: Italian Film Festival USA. Watch four award-winning films about a young anti-war activist, a Neapolitan scientist, a ghostwriter and crime leaders of Caserta. Don’t forget to grab an espresso before showtime!

5th Birthday of Orr Street Studios (Fri, 6 p.m.; Sat, 11 a.m.)

This is not your typical 5th birthday celebration. Subtract 20+ sticky, screaming children. Add a cocktail party and silent auction. Now you’ve got this weekend’s b-day celebrations at Orr Street Studios. Hit up the cocktail party and silent auction on Friday. Or visit the open house, which includes birthday cake and painting demonstrations, on Saturday.

CoMo Weekender is curated by Trupti Rami in hopes of enlivening those 55 hours away from the workweek. Email questions, comments or suggestions to events@kbia.org.


This article appeared on kbia.org on April 13, 2012. I wrote it as a part of CoMo Weekender, a guide to weekends in Columbia, Mo.

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